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Moving a piano requires planning and effort. Pianos are extremely heavy and their finishes are very vulnerable to scratches, nicks and dents. Even a small upright piano can weigh more than 350 pounds (0.1588 metric tons). Grand pianos can easily weigh over 1,000 pounds (0.4536 metric tons), and older upright pianos tend to be top heavy, making them unstable and more difficult to move. Follow these steps to safely and efficiently move any kind of piano.

Know your piano:
Despite their relatively small size, they usually weigh at least 300 pounds, making the job of moving them a team effort not to be undertaken lightly.

Plan your route:
Have a clear route from start to finish in mind before you begin to move the piano, and communicate it to everyone who is helping you move.
Using a tape measure, ensure that the spinet will fit through every door or opening you plan to move it through.
If the piano is being moved out of the house to a moving truck, have the truck open and any moving ramps deployed in advance of the move, and plan to move the piano before any other, lighter furniture so that there is plenty of room for your team to maneuver it into place.
For safety reasons, one person per 100 pounds is recommended for this and all upright piano moves. This may work out to more people than are strictly needed, but extra personnel can help in other ways (such as opening doors), and can step in should somebody start to get worn out.

Prepare the piano:
Lock down the spinet’s lid and the keyboard lid, if there is one. Wrap the piano in thick blankets or special moving blankets and use packing tape to secure the blankets around the piano. This will prevent scuffing on the finish and corners.

Move the piano:
With your crew supporting the weight of the piano according to its center of gravity, lead it slowly by the dolly to its destination.
If the piano is too high on the dolly to move through a doorway, it will have to be lifted and scooted slowly through the door a few inches at a time. Once it is through the doorway, be sure it is settled firmly on the dolly before continuing to move it.
The proper way to lift any object is to squat, maintain a straight back, and lift with your legs. Be sure everyone who is helping you move knows to lift this way.
If the piano feels out of balance at any time, yell “Stop!” and instruct everyone to gently set the piano down. Make any required adjustments to the position of the dolly or your crew and try again.