Denver Movers

Denver’s Professional Movers

Need to move a piano or pool table over the road? Our team can do the job in no time! If you are between moves, we provide excellent quality storage units, monitored daily and equipped with climate controlled features. For all residential moves, our team is comprised of skilled movers. They all have a minimum of two years of experience, ensuring your home will stay free of dings or scratches. With our white glove moving services, everything is wrapped up with care before it leaves your home. No matter what your moving needs are, we have the experience to help. We are based out of Lakewood and we provide moving services for Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding areas. Mafia Movers are the local movers you can rely on to move your items for you when you want it, and where you want it, all without causing damage to your possessions or your property.

Office Movers

With over 25 years of experience in moving, Mafia Movers has experience handling any type of moving, including offices. We understand that your office has very important and fragile things that need to make it all in one piece when moving to a new office, and we take extreme care to make sure everything is unharmed in the move. Whether it’s across the street or across the state, we promise that when you move, all of your office belongings will make it there safely. For large moves, we can provide crews up 15 men so your move goes along quickly and you can open up your business again.

Furniture Movers

If you’re moving homes, chances are, your furniture is coming along with you. Buying new sets can be very expensive, plus wasteful, especially if you already have nice pieces of furniture in your previous home. Save some time and money by having Mafia Movers bring your furniture along for you. Whether it’s a small stool or a large couch, our professional movers can get it out of your house with no problems and no damage to both the furniture and home. With our decades of experience, we have a great understanding of how to move furniture in the best way to minimize damage so every party is happy in the long run.

Piano Movers

You may think that any person with a truck or van can move your piano, but that’s where you would make a grave mistake. Pianos are beautiful instruments which must be treated carefully when in the process of a move. Any small mistake can cause damage to the wood or cause the legs to snap off. Pianos are very heavy as well, so you’d need a whole team of people to move your piano safely. If you have a piano you’d like to move from point A to point B, give Mafia Movers a call. We’ll be able to prepare, protect, and move your piano completely from start to finish.